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ISSN (online): 2075-423X

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Elevate Your Research in an Esteemed Journal - IJAVMS Awaits Your Manuscript!

Dear Esteemed Researchers,

The mission of the International Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Medical Science (IJAVMS) is to advance the practice of veterinary medicine and medical science by publishing exemplary, curated, and peer-reviewed clinically relevant articles in accessible formats.

Why Choose IJAVMS?

  1. Esteemed Scientific Journal: IJAVMS is not just any journal; it is a hallmark of excellence in multidisciplinary research. With a solid reputation for publishing high-quality and original research articles, IJAVMS stands as a testament to the outstanding contributions made by researchers like you.
  2. Rapid Review Process: We understand the importance of timely dissemination of your research. IJAVMS ensures a swift and efficient review process, enabling your findings to reach your peers and the wider community faster.
  3. Multidisciplinary Scope: IJAVMS covers a spectrum of vital fields, including Agriculture, Livestock, Poultry, Veterinary, and Medical Sciences. Our journal encourages research at the intersections of these disciplines, with a special emphasis on One Health – the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health.
  4. Diverse Content Types: We embrace the diversity of scientific exploration. In addition to research articles, we welcome reports of new techniques, enlightening case studies, insights from workshops, thought-provoking meeting summaries, engaging book reviews, and letters to the editor.
  5. International Reach: IJAVMS is a global platform that reaches researchers, scholars, and professionals worldwide. By submitting your work here, you ensure that your research receives the international attention it deserves.
  6. Commitment to Developing Nations: We are dedicated to supporting the scientific organizations of developing and underdeveloped countries. IJAVMS offers opportunities to publish conference proceedings as supplement issues, furthering our mission to make impactful research accessible to all.

Share Your Research with the World!

Your research deserves the spotlight, and IJAVMS is the stage where it can shine the brightest. Elevate your work to a global audience and contribute to the advancement of science in these critical fields.

Join us in shaping the future of Veterinary, Agriculture, and Medical Sciences. Submit your manuscript to IJAVMS today and become a part of our esteemed community.

To submit your research and learn more about IJAVMS, please visit our website via Submit Your Articles link.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to our editorial team at

Let's ignite the spark of discovery together!

Editorial Team, International Journal for Agro Veterinary and Medical Sciences (IJAVMS)