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ISSN (online): 2075-423X


Mission Statement

The mission of the International Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Medical Science (IJAVMS) is to advance the practice of veterinary medicine and medical science by publishing exemplary, curated, and peer-reviewed clinically relevant articles in accessible formats.

Manuscript Categories

The IJAVMS welcomes manuscripts of broad clinical relevance in the following categories:

  • Original Research
  • Technical/Tutorial Video  
  • Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis
  • Narrative Review
  • Viewpoint
  • Case Series
  • Case Report
  • Clinical Challenges
  • Did You Know
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Manuscripts with clear clinical application will receive priority for publication. Commentaries, White Papers, Currents in One Health, and Spotlights are solicited by invitation only.


Authors should be listed only if they meet the following criteria:

  • Made a substantial contribution to the conception or design of the study, acquisition of the data used in the study, or analysis and interpretation of that data.
  • Were involved in drafting or revising the manuscript critically for important intellectual content.
  • Will have the opportunity to approve the submitted and all subsequent versions.
  • Agree to be accountable for the validity of the data and results.
  • Individuals who contributed to the study but do not meet all these criteria should be included in the Acknowledgments section. Requests to list a working group or study group in the byline will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Authors are responsible for ensuring that their manuscripts are written clearly in English and formatted in accordance with these author instructions. Manuscripts should be carefully reviewed prior to submission for format, clarity, spelling, and grammar.

Acknowledgements, Disclosures, and Funding

Authors will be required to address three statements during submission:
  1. Acknowledgement/s: Identify individuals who made important contributions to the study but do not meet the criteria for authorship. If none, include the statement “None reported.”
  2. Disclosure/s: Include any conflicts of interest related to the manuscript. Include relevant financial interests, activities, relationships, and affiliations. If none, include the statement “The authors have nothing to disclose.”
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology: Include information on the use of any AI-assisted technology such as ChatGPT or another Large Language Model in the writing of the manuscript or production of images. If none was used, include the statement “No AI-assisted technologies were used in the generation of this manuscript.” If an AI tool was used, be transparent in disclosing which AI tool was used and how it was used.


Upon acceptance of the manuscript, the corresponding author will be required to complete either a Copyright Transfer Agreement or an Open Access Copyright License Agreement if you choose to publish open access.

Commercial Availability, Compounding, and Extralabel Drug Use

Provide disclaimers and explanations regarding the use of pharmaceuticals, biologics, or other products that are not legally available in certain regions, as well as the use of compounded products/drugs.

Humane Animal Care and Use

Ensure that research studies involving animals comply with established guidelines and ethical considerations.

Institutional Oversight and Owner Consent

Include statements regarding the review and approval of study protocols by appropriate oversight entities and informed owner consent for studies involving privately owned animals.

NIH Public Access Policy

Ensure compliance with relevant public access policies.

Patient Confidentiality and the Right to Privacy

Obtain informed consent for the publication of patient information and adhere to privacy guidelines.

Prior Publication

Manuscripts should not have been published previously or submitted elsewhere while under consideration by IJAVMS.

Journal Style

Follow the guidance provided in the most recent edition of the relevant style manual.

Reporting Guidelines

Authors of Original Research or Systematic Reviews/Meta-Analyses are strongly encouraged to use appropriate reporting guidelines.

Manuscript Submission

Submit manuscripts through the provided online submission platform. For author inquiries and further information, contact IJAVMS at [journal email address]. Visit our website [journal website] for additional details.

Submission Checklist

Ensure that you have completed all required elements and reviewed journal policies before submission.

Publication Platforms and Associated Fees

There is no fee for authors to publish their manuscripts in IJAVMS. Articles will be posted on the journal's website, with access restrictions or pay-per-view options.